You Should Avoid These DIY Beauty Routines at All Costs

Do-it-yourself projects might be all the rage, but not all homemade remedies are cure-alls. Some might even pose a health risk, or they might cause even more trouble than you were dealing with in the first place. Often, when people try to create their own versions of skin care, hair care, or cleaning products, they don’t realize all of the work that goes into formulating that product in the first place. Certain companies might use ingredients that you’re not a particular fan of, but most of them have been clinically tested time and time again to ensure the product will perform the way its package claims.

Another thing to remember is that the thousands of home remedies and DIY recipes you can find with the click of a button on a site like Pinterest are not professionally regulated. This means anyone can post a DIY recipe online, even if they have zero knowledge about its effects. To make sure you’re not wasting your time, energy, and money on a DIY practice or product, here are the 13 worst homemade beauty remedies circulating the web.

1. Using lemon juice to get rid of dark spots

You know the feeling you get when you squeeze a lemon that’s been cut in half and the juice seeps into a cut in your finger? Ouch is right! While some claim that this highly acidic fruit and its citric acid-filled juice can clear your skin of dark spots and act as a natural skin brightener, think again.

“The acid in lemon juice can irritate your skin, causing erosion, burns, and creating redness and inflammation,” Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, a Beverly Hills-based dermatologist, said in an interview with The Cheat Sheet.

It can also make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Do you have melasma, dark spots, or sun damage? Stick with prescription ingredients like hydroquinone or over-the-counter ones like kojic acid, Shainhouse suggests.

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