Is Going Anti Love the Perfect Answer to Heartbreak?

When someone breaks your heart, you can either move on and try again or adopt a new anti love lifestyle and turn your back on love. Which do you choose?

Being anti love sounds like the last resort for anyone who has ever experienced heartbreak. From that perspective, forgetting about love entirely sounds like the best way to move on and protect yourself. But is it really the right choice? Would you prefer to be anti love instead of remaining open to love in the future?

Should you become anti love?

When you choose to become anti love, you are choosing to reject any form of romantic love that may come your way. You could stop pursuing it or prevent any opportunity for it to come into your life again. If you choose that path, this is what could happen:

1. You won’t entertain any suitors or pursue any crushes.

Isn’t that the point of being anti love? Preventing the cause of heartbreak before it even starts? That’s why you constantly hear people saying, “I will never date anybody again!” after they experience a particularly traumatic breakup. 

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