How to Have the Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Are you ready to give your partner the Valentine’s date they’ve always dreamed of? Here are some of the best ideas to help you out! By Danielle Anne Suleik

It’s that time of the year again when it’s okay for a man to go over the top with their gestures of love, without looking desperate or guilty. It’s not your girlfriend’s birthday, and it’s not your anniversary. It’s Valentine’s Day!

When Valentine’s Day was established, men probably didn’t expect it to have such an effect on women. It started out as a way for lovers to express their affection using letters and poems, which in modern times is now called the Valentine. That’s also what you call a person giving and receiving a Valentine.

Every year, Valentine’s Day plans get more and more outrageous. Women’s standards when it comes to V-day advances with age. First, it was just cards and letters. Then some overachieving male started giving his girlfriend flowers.

Another girl wanted something more from her boyfriend. That guy set the bar higher and gave her chocolates. That was when every other female realized exactly what Valentine’s Day was for – an opportunity to rub their romantic relationships in each other’s faces.

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