The Secret Of 5 Powerful Ways To Bring Your Spirit To Work

Tyler Gage’s first book, Fully Alive, tells the story of how his own spiritual journey informed his multimillion-dollar tea startup, RUNA. Here, Gage has adapted his best tips on how to approach spirituality and work as one.

Though “spirituality” can have as many meanings are there are people in the world, feeling “spirited,” more alive, and more connected to the deeper parts of ourselves are cornerstones of the human experience.

Rather than being a hindrance or sidebar to my business, the lessons I’ve learned from spending 12 years living with traditional healers in the Amazon have not only changed my own life, enabling me to be happier, healthier, and more engaged, but have also been essential to making Runa, the organization I co-founded, one of the fastest-growing eco-minded beverage companies in the United States.

Amazonian teachings for personal and spiritual growth were powerful in their own context and surprisingly translatable to my world up north. I discovered an inherent pragmatism in these practices that sprang from a need to survive and a desire to thrive in one of the world’s most lethal ecosystems: the Amazon rain forest.

Here are the tools I’ve learned from my time in the Amazon and now use to bring deeper parts of myself to my professional pursuits:

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