34 Cute Boyfriend and Girlfriend Quotes to Renew Your Love Life

They are just the thing to rekindle the love you have in your heart, remind you of what you love about your girl or guy, and put you in the love frame of mind again.

1 “If he… makes you laugh. Kisses your forehead. Says he’s sorry. Makes an effort. Holds your hand. Works hard. Attempts to underhand you… then, believe it or not, he’s quite perfect.” – Vicki Carnley

2 “I fell in love with you because you loved me when I couldn’t love myself.” – curiano.com

3 “When I first met you, I honestly didn’t know you were gonna be this important to me.” – quoteslife101.net

4 “It’s amazing how one day someone walks into your life, then the next day you wonder how you ever lived without them.”

5 “I still get butterflies even though I’ve seen you a hundred times.”

6 “The best feeling is when you look at him, and he is already staring.”

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