20 Heart-Wrenching Songs About Missing Someone You Love

Sometimes in life, you have to live apart from the ones you love. Here are some of the best songs about missing someone that can help you get by.

Missing someone may just be one of the toughest feelings you have to go through. Whether you miss someone who went to a faraway place, you haven’t seen for a while, you haven’t talked to, or someone who passed away, the bittersweet feeling is strong enough to wrench, tug, squeeze, and break your heart.

While technology can make it easier to stay connected despite geography and time, nothing compares to being close to someone dear to you, feeling their warmth, and touching them in return.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you badly miss someone, how do you cope? You know very well that phone calls, video chats, and even handwritten mails can satiate your longing for a while. However, they are not enough. They can never be substitutes to the actual person you are missing.

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