18 Relationship Turn Offs That Can Ruin Your Romance

#12 Cutting conversations. Do you ever cut your partner across when they’re trying to make a point? Or if your partner is trying to explain something to you at a store, and someone else *like a pushy store salesman* interferes to explain the same thing to you, do you look away from your partner and continue the conversation with this new person who interrupted the both of you? It’s a clear sign that you subconsciously don’t value your partner or think they have anything important to say.

#13 Anger issues. One of the biggest relationship turn offs is when you direct all your rage and anger at your partner, even when they do nothing wrong. You may be pissed off with the world, but you still direct all that anger towards your partner and treat them like a punching bag because you don’t have the nerve to confront the world or direct the anger at the people who actually hurt you.

#14 Big sacrifices. Do you behave like making time for your partner is such a big sacrifice? When your partner asks you to spend some time with them, do you get annoyed or behave like sparing time for your loved ones is a luxury you can’t afford? Careful here, because your partner may not be around for too long if you treat them so disrespectfully!

#15 Letting yourself go. So you’ve hooked yourself a sexy fish and you have that ring on your finger. You’re all happy and life is bliss. But now that you’re in a stable relationship, have you let yourself go and piled on several pounds, or have you started dressing down and leaving it all unshaved and unkempt?

Don’t take your partner for granted and expect them to always stay crazily in love with you and lust for you when you don’t make the effort to look and feel your best for them.

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