18 Relationship Turn Offs That Can Ruin Your Romance

#8 Cruel ego boosts. Have you ever complimented someone else in public in front of your partner, while completely ignoring to compliment your own partner for doing the same thing? Putting your partner down and hurting them subtly in public can give you an ego boost, but it’ll also cost you your relationship over time.

#9 Silent treatment. Don’t ignore your partner or give them the silent treatment by not talking to them just because they say something hurtful in a conversation. It’ll make your partner hate you for walking away from the conversation, and they’ll stop being truthful to you or trying to communicate with you because they know you don’t like hearing the truth.

#10 Pushy behavior. Don’t constantly force your partner to do things your way because you think your way is the only way to do something. It may seem like a petty issue, but your constant pushiness may force your partner to turn rebellious and do things just to oppose you and hurt you, so they can get their independence back from you.

#11 You think you’re too good. This is something you need to ask yourself, because no one else can answer this for you. Do you always take your partner’s opinions into consideration each time you need to take decisions? Or do you secretly believe *somewhere in the back of your mind* that you’re awesome and your partner is just too dumb to offer any insightful advice to you?

No one but you may know this answer, but if you think your partner isn’t smart, your condescending behavior towards them may give away the disdain you have for them. 

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