18 Relationship Turn Offs That Can Ruin Your Romance

#3 Boundary issues. Do you give your partner the space they want, whether they ask for it or not? Not understanding where to give space in a relationship is a big relationship turn off. Don’t constantly try to make yourself feel involved in your partner’s life even when they want to do something by themselves.

#4 Withholding sex. This is something partners use when they’re angry or upset. They pretend like everything’s okay, and yet, they push their partner away or avoid having sex. If you’re indulging in something like this, you may believe you have a right to avoid sex if you don’t feel like having it.

But really, are you avoiding sex because you don’t feel like having sex or is it because you’re upset? And if you’re upset, isn’t it so much better to just tell your partner what’s on your mind instead of using sex as a tool to hurt them?

#5 Compromises. You don’t like compromising for your partner, or even if you do compromise for them, you do so with a disgruntled expression stuck on your face. And yet, you expect your partner to always compromise for your sake no matter what you ask of them.

#6 The third opinion. Do you really take your partner’s advice, or do you just ignore it and place more value on a third person’s opinions? If you give more importance to someone else’s opinion and care less about your own lover’s opinions, even if it’s a decision that directly impacts your relationship, it only shows that you don’t respect your partner and think less of them.

#7 Bad listeners. Do you listen to your partner while talking to them, or are you only focused on getting your point across? Do you constantly say “what did you say?” to your partner each time they’re trying to say something to you? Bad listening habits in a relationship will definitely infuriate your partner or make them feel neglected. And some day, this turn off will push both of you away from each other.

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