15 Unexpected Benefits of Dating Sensitive Men Versus Macho Men

Although men can be defined as more than being emotional or macho, they still fall under the two categories. Here’s why sensitive men might be better.

This isn’t to say that macho men can’t make good partners but rather, sensitive men might have something better to offer depending on who you are. There are a lot of benefits to dating someone who’s more sensitive instead of going for the strong, manly-man type.

Of course, this might completely depend on your taste. The bottom line here is that sensitive men might surprise you with all they have to offer. The benefits of dating a guy who’s not afraid to show his feelings are pretty extensive.

The mistake too many women make when finding a man

Let’s be honest for a minute. Women, including myself, make a lot of mistakes when finding a man to be with. One of the biggest mistakes, however, is only dating guys who check off things on your “list.” You know the one I’m talking about.

The list that has all the qualities you need in a man. Sure, you might like those things but if your relationships haven’t been working and they’re the types of guys who check off things on your list, maybe your list isn’t long enough.

Meaning, you may need to branch out. You also may not like those types of men in reality, even if they seem appealing on your list. So dating a few guys who don’t encompass your entire list might be a good idea.

The benefits of dating a sensitive man

Yes, there are quite a few benefits of dating a sensitive guy versus a macho man. This is especially true if you can’t seem to make relationships work with the typical “manly man.” Here’s why sensitive men might be your best bet.

#1 They can relate to you more. Sensitive guys are usually more empathetic. Meaning, they’ll be able to put themselves in your shoes and feel what you do. This makes them able to relate to you a hell of a lot more than guys who aren’t as in-tune with their feelings.

#2 They won’t hide their feelings as much. Let’s be real, one of the most frustrating things about some guys is their need to hide their feelings. It’s like they think we think they’re emotionless and can handle anything.

And this often leads to a lot of problems and bickering in relationships. Sensitive men are a lot more open about how they’re feeling and won’t hide their emotions nearly as much.

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