13 Signs Your Friends Are Ruining Your Relationship

Your friends may seem nice and trustworthy, but are your friends ruining your relationship? Use these traits to find out if they’re bad for your love.

Friends can be the best thing in the world.

But at times, they can be the worst too.

Do you find yourself jumping from one relationship to another all the time?

Do you think there’s something wrong with you?

Sometimes, it may not be you.

It may be your best friends who’re unknowingly messing your relationships up for you without your notice.

Are your friends ruining your relationship?

A long time ago, I saw this great girl from another college at a frat party.

I thought she was extremely cute and I really wanted to know her better.

We exchanged glances with each other all night, but she had to leave before I could make my move.

The next day, I got a note from her. One of our common friends hand delivered it to me. In the note, she mentioned that she really liked me and would like to meet me sometime.

I showed the note to my best friend, and he rubbished it immediately.

“She’s a whore, dude, she just wants to sleep around. And she doesn’t look good anyway… Forget about her, she’s just not worth it…” he said as he tore the note into bits.

I didn’t bother responding to the note, and forgot all about her.

A year later, I saw her again in another friend’s arm. She looked so stunning, I had a hard time holding my jaws shut. My friend introduced her and I found out later that he was her first boyfriend.

Apparently, she was a shy girl who never hung out with boys and was only interested in a serious relationship.

I felt like kicking myself in the head for being such a jerk and blowing her off after she worked her courage up to write me a letter.

But what I realized at the same time is how easily friends can manipulate you into walking away from perfect relationships.

13 signs your friends are ruining your relationship

It may be jealousy, malice or a veiled attempt to be better than you, but sometimes even the best of friends can turn out to be real backstabbers, at least when it comes to love.

If you find yourself breaking up from seemingly perfect relationships all the time, perhaps, you need to ask yourself if your friends played a bigger part than you first imagined.

Here are 13 circumstances when your best friends could turn out to be your worst relationship nightmare.

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