13 Signs He Wants a Relationship but Is Scared

#9 There’s that awkward silence. You probably had those moments next to him where you feel he wants to say something, but he’s not. You know what it is, but he’s too scared to really tell you how he feels because he’s scared of the consequences.

#10 He brings you to family events. This happened to me. Trust me, this one really plays with your mind. Why would you bring someone to meet your family if you’re not interested in them? Ah, but here’s the thing, he is interested in you. He wants to show you off to his family since you’re important to him. He just doesn’t want the label that goes with it.

#11 He isn’t into compromising. The thing about relationships is that it requires compromise. Now, if he’s immature, and clearly it looks like he is, then compromising isn’t in his books. He likes the way his life is right now, he likes his routine. Even though you make him happy, he doesn’t want to create any discomfort in his life.

#12 He had a bad experience in the past. Some people have been really bruised by their past relationships to the point where even thinking of their future partners give them anxiety. Or it could also be that he’s not over his ex.

Sure, he likes spending time with you, but you’re still not her. She’s clearly floating around in the back of his mind.

#13 He’s not sure. I hate this reason because it’s stupid. He’s not sure, I mean, how can you not be sure? You either want to be with someone or not. But apparently, as I discovered, it exists.

I’m not sure if the “I’m not 100% sure” excuse exactly means that because I do believe that you know what you want. However, there are obviously other factors he includes in that. Maybe there’s something about you that he doesn’t like, some issue you two have had, etc.

If you see more than two of these signs he wants a relationship but is scared, in the guy you like, you need to take a step back. Maybe then, he’ll be the one to pursue you for something serious, but if not, you move onto the next guy. Hello, Tinder.

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