What It Feels Like to Experience Anxiety in a Relationship

#2 You feel like everything will, inevitably, end. When you get into a relationship, you cannot help but hope and dream for a future together. Though you can never know what the future will bring, you can only hope for happiness and dream for the best. But what happens when you feel like everything will end? The kisses, the sweet nothings, the moments together—all gone, with nothing left but memories.

#3 It is like continuing to linger where you feel you no longer belong. What is it like to be haunted by your own relationship? It is often described as feeling like a ghost as your soul wanders. You may feel doomed to wander aimlessly, while trying to pick up the pieces of your heart. In a relationship with anxiety, you may feel like you are stuck in a situation you no longer belong in.

#4 It is like trying to find your way in the dark. Having anxiety in a relationship is very much like wandering into an unlit room where you stumble all over yourself. You find yourself trying desperately to familiarize yourself with your surroundings, but in the end, you find that it is a hopeless folly. Your vision becomes blurry, and you try, in vain, to find slivers of light in your relationship. Usually, this manifests in trying to find reasons to stay together, but coming up empty every time.

#5 It is harboring feelings of resentment over everyone’s happiness. When you feel anxiety in a relationship, you experience feelings of misery rather than happiness. When unhappiness sets in, you start to feel it clawing at your heart.

You no longer see your significant other as someone who makes you happy. In fact, you resent them, and find yourself suffering in silence. You may even have deep feelings of resentment for couples who seem happier than you. It will eventually eat away your soul, and you may find yourself growing hardened and embittered.

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