What It Feels Like to Experience Anxiety in a Relationship

Anxiety is an oft-misunderstood experience—even more so when it involves romance. Here, we delve into the particulars of anxiety in relationships.

Love is perhaps the strongest force on Earth. Poets give their hearts for it. Artists sing the most beautiful lines about it. Truly, love is perhaps the most powerful emotion you can feel. It can make you feel great joy, as well as great sadness.

What makes love the most beautiful thing you can ever experience is the profound effect it has on your life. When you are happy and in love, you experience feelings of euphoria. There is nothing quite like feeling true love—love that you can feel with every fiber of your being. There is nothing like love that makes you feel whole and complete. But what happens when you feel a pang in your heart with the person you love?

When there is more sorrow than joy

Anxiety in a relationship is perhaps one of the most daunting experiences in existence. It can leave a profound impact on both your relationship and your quality of living. Anxiety in a relationship happens when you feel that the relationship has you by the throat, almost suffocating you.

It is the point in a relationship when you feel that you are quickly losing your joy, and find yourself giving into painful, unwanted feelings of misery and regret.

Having anxiety in your relationship can be caused by many things. For one thing, you may no longer trust your significant other. When you lose trust in a relationship, everything can go awry. Uncertainty becomes a major issue. It is like taking out a boat into the middle of the ocean, not sure of where you are going. What does anxiety in a relationship feel like? Can you ever recover from these unwelcome feelings?

#1 It is like having your heart torn from your chest. When you feel anxiety in a relationship, it is both painful and devastating. What is even worse about having anxiety in relationship is that you feel you are caught in an unsettling place between misery and happiness.

You may feel happy when you are with your love… but your happiness might be accompanied by feelings of fear, regret, or uncertainty. You feel like you are forever having an internal debate with your heart: you want to go one way, but your heart is leading you in an entirely different direction. In the end, you find yourself more lost than ever. 

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