This Is The Reason Why She No Longer Allows Herself To Get Attached To Someone

She has grown to learn that sometimes life takes away things just as easily as it gives; and attachment can make the process of letting go just seem so impossible. She understands that life is supposed to be dynamic; how nothing is ever set in stone.

She knows that people can walk into her life; but she also knows that they leave. And she has learned that attachment just makes the loss of people so difficult to deal with. She knows that attachment is only going to hold her back; to keep her from being where she needs to be.

She knows that attachment is going to eat away at her insides until she has lost full control of who she is. She knows that the more that she allows herself to get attached, then the more fearful she becomes of loss. She doesn’t allow herself to get attached anymore because attachment has taught her to be more selfish than generous – and she doesn’t want to be that kind of person at all.

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