The Most Common Reasons Why She Thinks It’s Okay to Lie to You

#5 She’s creating distance. She may be emotionally traumatized from past relationships. Thus, she’s trying to create a wall between you and her. She thinks the less truth you know about her, the easier it’ll be for her when you two go your separate ways. This is a simple defense mechanism but becomes a challenge when you try to connect with her.

#6 She doesn’t trust you. It’s pretty simple. She’s not going to tell you anything true about her if she thinks you’ll use it against her. Then again, if you think this is the case, why do you still hang out with her? Don’t take this as some challenge to win her trust, instead, just confront her on it.

#7 She doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea. Perhaps her former best friend was a guy, but she ended up telling you it was a girl. Why would she do that? Well, because she doesn’t want you to think there was anything going on between them. She hides this information so that you don’t become suspicious over nothing. But, of course, now you’re suspicious because she lied.

#8 It’s all a test. She may not know where you stand with her, so, she tests you out. She may lie to you and tell you a made-up story about her ex just to see your reaction. I can’t lie and say I haven’t done this, I have. Honestly, I wanted to see what he would do in a specific situation and his emotional reaction to it.

It was a way for me to see his boundaries and if he actually liked me. I was young and dumb. This isn’t good behavior, so if a woman is doing this to you, she’s immature. 

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