The Mental Checklist Women Use to Evaluate Men They Date

#10 Do our futures line up? No one really knows what the future holds, that’s true. However, women like to figure out if the possibility of a long-term relationship even makes sense. If he’s moving to Boston (far away from me), would it even make sense to be with him?

But what if my future career could lead me out there as well? Since I love to travel, it could work! This is something that is crucial. No woman wants to get involved with someone, only to realize that their futures are on completely different paths. This is why future plans are usually on our checklist.

#11 If I got pregnant and passed away giving birth, would I trust this man to raise our child the way I would have? Okay, okay, this one seems a bit outrageous, and that’s because it’s one that’s on my personal list. Every woman has something like this in their personal checklist, though: a crazy weird scenario/test that their potential man has to pass.

But honestly, this is my deal breaker. It may seem silly but in the end, when you date someone, you’re looking to build a family with them—to trust them with everything. And I can’t think of anything more defining and important than this. Although I’ve dated quite a few men, there’s only one person that has passed this test…and unfortunately, even then, things didn’t work out.

Women all have some sort of checklist they use to evaluate the men they date, and for good reason! Although not every list is the same, the qualities listed above are the most common dealbreakers—so either step up, or step away.

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