The Mental Checklist Women Use to Evaluate Men They Date

Ever heard of a “perfect guy list?” Yes, we all have one. These 11 must-haves are important in weeding out Mr. Wrong from Mr. Right.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not the only tool we use to evaluate the men we date, but it is very important.

For a long, long time you’ve probably heard the saying that he “checks off everything on my list.” But did you know that there really is a list women use? It’s not the same for everyone—and it’s not even something that is set in stone—but it’s there.

You may be wondering why we need a checklist. If we like someone, who cares, right? Well, not really. Women have a tendency to get flustered and excited, and just dive in to whatever new relationship has caught their eye. Sometimes, we forget about the important things—other than how fantastic his abs are.

Our core values are left in the dust oftentimes—but not if we keep this mental checklist in the forefront of our mind. It’s a way for us to keep reality in check when it feels like we’re in a dream.

So what’s on this special mental checklist?

For me, it’s used in a general sense. If the guy I’m dating has certain qualities, then that’s great! And if he lacks majority of the things I know are important to me, it may be time to rethink the relationship.

Although every woman is different and has different things on their checklists, this is a list of qualities that MOST women evaluate prior to deciding if he’s the man for her.

#1 Is he physically attractive to me? This may seem pretty obvious. Either you think he’s cute or you don’t—and if not, he’s already in the rearview mirror. But sometimes ladies will look past this one, if other qualities are really outstanding.

However, this one cannot be forgotten; physical attraction is EXTREMELY important in any relationship, and if it’s not there, no amount of intellectual attraction will make you want to get naked and jump his bones—another very important aspect of a relationship.

#2 Can I have a real conversation with him? You may find someone who is ridiculously hot, has a really interesting job, and even has some of the same hobbies as you, but if you can’t have a meaningful conversation, then it’s not looking good for the future. What would that relationship end up looking like: the both of you sitting on the couch in silence for eternity? No. Women want to know that they can talk to their partner.

#3 Does he complement me? Not compliment, as in, “Oh darling, you’re so beautiful today.” I mean, does he have qualities that mesh well with mine? If I really, really suck at cooking, for instance, is he good at it? We can’t be forced to eat Easy Mac and cereal for the rest of our lives, right? We also want to make sure that our qualities are similar, so our personalities don’t end up clashing.

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