Signs He Doesn’t Love You: 20 Big Clues You Need to Back Away ASAP

#12 They never apologize when wrong. If his pride is more important than your relationship, maybe you need to hit the road, sister. Apologies are difficult, I get it. But they need to be done. Accepting that you are in the wrong, when in fact you are, is a huge sign that he loves you and values your relationship. If not, then he really doesn’t love you.

#13 They keep your relationship a secret. Really? We’re living in a world where we splash everything on social media. If you are in a relationship, everyone and their mother knows about it because there is at least one photo of you together on social media.

Even if you aren’t super active on social media, there is going to be something somewhere—even if it is just a subtweet. If he keeps your relationship a secret, on social media and in real-life, then it’s one of those big red flag signs he doesn’t love you.

#14 They don’t support your dreams and goals. What he wants in life is important, but so is what you want. If you seem to give all of your support to him and receive none in return, this is a sign he doesn’t love you.

#15 You haven’t met his family. If you’ve been together for a reasonable amount of time, you should have met his family. Similar to #13, if he isn’t telling people about you and wants them to meet you, that’s not a good sign.

#16 You haven’t met his friends. This might be even more important than meeting his family. His family sort of has to like you, because you might be family one day. His friends, though? They have the right to be totally and brutally honest about who you are. If he doesn’t introduce you to his friends, you may need to re-evaluate this relationship.

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