Signs He Doesn’t Love You: 20 Big Clues You Need to Back Away ASAP

We all find ourselves in toxic relationships where we give our all and get nothing in return. See the signs he doesn’t love you before it’s too late.

You know you are worthy of powerful and unconditional love, do you not? You deserve to feel like a princess, not a damsel in distress. If you are reading this feature, you are probably in a relationship you question and doubt. I want more than that for you—and I think that you do too. So, step one? Understand the signs he doesn’t love you.

It is often quite hard to recognize the signs. Usually our friends and family notice way before we ever begin to. When you are in love, your heart plays tricks on you. We all want to find love. In our quest, we typically create relationships that aren’t a reality. The qualities that you see in your partner may not actually be traits that he has. We create perfection out of nothing when we crave affection.

20 subtle signs he doesn’t love you that you can’t ignore

You deserve more than that, you deserve respect and love. But first, learn to recognize when he isn’t interested in you. You need to learn when it is time to walk away.

#1 He doesn’t listen to you when you talk about your day. C’mon girlfriend, isn’t it obvious? If you get home from work and want to talk about your day, does he even care? Is he listening to you talk or is he staring blankly at you and pretending to listen? A good way to tell is if he actually engages with your story and asks relevant questions.

#2 Does he ask you about your day? Referring to the last point, when you get home from work and ask him about his day and he tells you, does he ask how your day was? Maybe you haven’t noticed, but you may just naturally begin talking about your day without him bothering to ask. Next time, take note: Does he actually ask how your day was? If not, this is a sure-fire sign he doesn’t love you.

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