New Relationship Anxiety: Turn Off Your Negative Inner Voice

New relationship anxiety is natural and normal, but it is not so much fun to deal with. Stop worrying about holding on and let go to enjoy the ride!

There is nothing more exciting than a new relationship, but for some of us who might not have been so lucky in love in the past, a new relationship can be a mixed bag of feelings. The thing about a new relationship is that it is either going to work or not. And, as hard as it is to accept, you probably have very little control over the relationship. All you can do is control your own behavior, which includes squashing your new relationship anxiety.

No one wants to feel rejected or to deal with a broken heart, but the sad reality is that no one makes it out of this life without some bumps in the road, which include some cracks to the heart. But, if you never experience love, then what is life about?

16 ways to shed your new relationship anxiety

Anxiety is natural when you fear losing something, but don’t let it overcome you and lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy, or, even worse, sabotage your new relationship. Take a breath, relax, and take it day by day. Stop thinking about where your relationship is going, and just enjoy the here and now no matter where it takes you.

#1 Realize that nothing lasts forever. Unfortunately, there is nothing in life that is certain. Stop predicting if you will make it in a relationship with your new love or if it will end.

There is no way to control the future, so stop trying and just live in the moment. Enjoy whatever time you have together. Don’t spend it worrying about what you might lose.

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