15 Ways a Pathological Liar Hurts and Confuses You with their Lies

#7 They have a way out and excuse for everything. An expert at lying has an excuse for everything. Almost like a full-time job, they cover their tracks no matter what happens. Their brains are hardwired differently than the regular person.

Able to go off on tangents and find an excuse valid in the recesses of their mind, it truly is masterful. While the rest of us duck and weave when caught in a lie, the pathological liar has their do-over front and center and on demand.

#8 They are very good at covering their tracks. A whole lot of time is spent and wasted on covering a liar’s tracks. They have a master plan that goes from start to finish. If they lied about something, you best be sure they covered it up, found a witness, or a loophole.

There are very few ways to break the pathological liar’s web of lies. Like a spider, they lie in wait to sting.

#9 If you question them they make you feel bad for doing so. The best thing that the pathological liar is good at is manipulation. If you call them out, and they can’t account for the lie, or just want to shut you down altogether, they make you feel ashamed and embarrassed for questioning their integrity.

For someone who makes lying a living, calling them out is tantamount to taking them down. They will not stand for that. They strike to set you off balance and make you look like the jerk for not just following along.

#10 They typically have an underlying personality disorder that gives them the propensity to be lax with the truth. Being a pathological liar is typically the least of their worries. Usually, when someone can’t stick to the truth, there is an underlying personality problem there.

Whether it is a narcissistic personality disorder or a sociopath personality, lying is usually a part of their entire persona. A defense mechanism they use to hide who they really are.

#11 They lie because it is a control thing. You don’t own them. They don’t owe you anything. Why should they have to tell you the truth? Lying is a very powerful and controlling thing. Having you believe something that isn’t true, is like saying you aren’t going to put a GPS on me.

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