Keeping Love Alive Through Different Levels of Consciousness

7. Balance of power.

With consciousness comes power. The highly-conscious may unwittingly try to exert that power over their partner. Tread lightly on the idea of teaching your mate how to grow into a more conscious life. Allowing authority figures in a relationship can lead to a power imbalance and a breakdown of loving affection. Teacher-student, leader-follower, guide-disciple; these relationships traditionally mean one holds more power than the other. Healthy relationships maintain a good balance.

So whether you find yourself on the upper or lower rung of a consciously staggered relationship, remember to:

  • Love and accept yourself and your partner for who you both are
  • Enjoy your journeys through life and love, separately and together
  • Keep moving at your own pace, for your own reasons
  • Enjoy the perfection in who you and they are
  • Focus on what works for your life now, instead of looking back or setting a schedule
  • View your partner as your peer, and treat them with love, compassion and respect
  • Be your partner’s ally, not their authority

Ready for conscious, like-minded individuals you really want to meet?

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