Keeping Love Alive Through Different Levels of Consciousness

4. Releasing judgment.

It is fruitless to judge another’s position in life or consciousness. You are where you are meant to be, and so are they. You two may not be perfect for each other right now, but you are perfect in your own ways. It is not wrongor bad to allow them to be where they are and move on to a different stage of consciousness when they are ready. All you need to decide is if it is rightor good for you to accompany them.

5. Then and now.

You may want to look at your partner’s behavior and mindset and compare them to where you have been. So you may think you are ahead of them, since we often judge progress by timeline (i.e. where you are now is better than where you were before). But this is not necessarily the case. Release the assumption that you are ahead of or above anyone else. Perceived progress, and even regression, can be masked by large passages of time. Consciousness is a lifelong journey, and we all end up at the same place in the end.

6. Perceived superiority.

The notion of waiting for or helping your loved one “catch up” to you can breed all sorts of negative perceptions; namely superiority. Let go of any ideas of one way being better or higher than another. Living your intentional and conscious life works to keep you happy and fulfilled. But being around someone who looks down on or pities you for not being where they are doesn’t exactly put wind beneath your wings. And your partner won’t appreciate it either.

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