Keeping Love Alive Through Different Levels of Consciousness

Finally finding the mindful romance that seems to grow into the conscious relationship you’ve been seeking can feel sensational. But how do you keep things moving forward and evolving when you realize your love may not be as mindful as first imagined? What do you do when your special someone is not at the same stage of consciousness as you?

Here are a few simple reminders to keep your heart and relationship in check:

1. Love comes first.

Love and accept them for who they are, perceived flaws and all. When you put real love first, it makes the rest much easier to digest; even the tough bits. And everything starts with you, so loving and accepting yourself will make doing the same for them second nature.

2. Enjoy the journey.

Appreciate that you are both on your own individual journeys through life and love. And even though your paths are crossing, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will converge, or even run parallel. But when you are close enough, you can certainly smile and wave “Hello.”

3. Perpetual motion.

You and your partner are in constant motion. You are both growing deeper in your awareness and conscious life at your own pace, in your own time, for your own reasons, in your own ways. With this constant movement, you are bound to find common ground at some point in your relationship. Cherish and appreciate these fleeting moments. They will briefly allow you to walk through life side by side.

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