Just Broke Up? Do These 13 Things to Help Mend That Broken Heart

Breaking up sucks. Even if you wanted it, there’s a part of you that aches. But if you just broke up, try these 13 things to help mend your heart.

I never handle breakups well, even when I’m the one who wants them. After I just broke up, I spend my days moping around the house, wearing the same clothes for days on end and rewinding every moment in my head thinking that maybe I made a mistake. And, of course, throw in some emotional eating and that’s what the next couple months after my breakup looks like.

Let’s just say, I really take advantage of the situation to be lazy and eat buckets of ice cream and fried chicken. It’s like watching the unmotivated version of Bridget Jones’s Diary.

What to do after you just broke up with your partner

Listen, you don’t have to be like that if you just broke up. In fact, it’s probably better for your arteries if you didn’t go all out like I do. When you just broke up, you experience a lot of emotions, most of them mixed. Putting you on the edge to drunk text them or post a sappy song on Facebook.

But why don’t we make this experience easier on you? There are a few things to do to help you get through a breakup. A few things that make it a learning experience rather than a Spanish soap opera. It’s gonna be hard, but you’ll pull through.

#1 Know it’s okay to be sad. Maybe you’re known in your group of friends to be the “tough one.” I’m not even sure what that means since everyone has emotions. So, if you’re sad, be sad. You don’t have to pretend that you don’t care. If anything, it’ll just be more obvious to people that you do care. So, be honest with yourself.

#2 Clean your room. I know you might think it’s a weird time to clean your room, but trust me, clean it. It’s easy to feel depressed when your room is a mess. Give it a solid cleaning, it makes you not only feel better, but it shows you that you can start fresh. This means to give your sheets a washing as well.

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