How to Stop Being Codependent and Have a Healthy Relationship

#10 Learn how to spend time alone. This means you and only you are there. No friends. No significant other. Everyone has to know how to be happy and enjoy their alone time. It’s healthy for people to be alone and if you can’t be, something could be wrong emotionally.

So spend more and more time alone. Focus on doing things that make you happy. Maybe it’s video games or doing your nails with a facemask. Whatever it is, enjoy yourself and relish in time to think for yourself.

#11 Learn what healthy relationships look like. You really have to read up on what a healthy relationship is supposed to be. As much as you might think being happy to be with your partner 24/7 is a good thing, it’s not. Know what makes a healthy relationship and work toward that.

#12 Get professional help when needed. Sometimes you can’t get rid of that codependency on your own. You may need professional help in the form of counseling and that’s perfectly fine.

It’s better to get the help you really need than to let your relationship suffer for it. Open up and talk to someone whose job it is to fix stuff like this. Your relationship and whole life will be better off because of it.

Codependency can get dangerous if you’re both always on top of each other with no one else in your life. It gets even worse if the codependency has toxic habits, like drugs or alcohol, attached to it. Use these tips to learn how to stop being codependent and make a change now.

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