How to Stop Being Codependent and Have a Healthy Relationship

#2 Get them to recognize the issue. This may just be the hardest thing you’ll do. With codependency, most people don’t ever see an issue. The fact that you think it is and can recognize that is a big deal.

For that reason, it may be very hard for you to help your partner realize the issue. Do your best to talk things through and help them see what a healthy, happy relationship should look like.

#3 Agree to work together. You have to come to terms with things together. You can’t be the only one working to fix this. It’s going to take the both of you putting forth your full effort to make this happen. So if they’re having a problem agreeing, things will be very difficult to fix.

#4 Reach out to family and friends. You need to start building up those relationships again. If you’re codependent, you’ve probably lost touch with a lot of your old friends. Make sure they know you’re still there and willing to have a relationship. Just know that they may harbor resentment for you.

#5 Make more plans without each other. The whole idea behind learning how to stop being codependent is looking at your life as two beings coming together, not two people forming a single unit. You need to spend time apart.

Start making plans without each other. It’s okay to be apart. Even if you think it would be fun to do something together, do it with someone else instead. This really helps you both get away from depending on each other for fun.

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