How to Hold a Conversation and Keep Anyone Engaged and Having Fun

#7 Make a connection to them yourself. People naturally want to talk to people they have a connection with. So you have to draw one between the two of you. It can be about anything, really. Make sure they know you have something in common and it’ll be easier to hold the conversation because they’ll be putting in effort, too.

#8 Make sure your body language is inviting. Meaning, you can’t sit there with your shoulders slumped and looking bored. Be sure your body is facing them, you’re making eye contact, and you’re smiling.

The more easy-going you appear and the more interested in the discussion you look, the more they’ll want to keep talking to you. They’ll pick up on those positive vibes and will want to keep talking to you.

#9 Make good eye contact. This is really an important part of learning how to hold a conversation. It’s mostly about being intrigued with them but also about forming a connection. The more you look at someone in the eye, the closer you bond. Just don’t make the mistake of staring them down and freaking them out.

#10 Let the conversation carry on naturally. Sometimes it just will. You don’t have to force it and you can just sit back and enjoy the conversation. Knowing how to hold a conversation has a lot to do with knowing when to just let it flow and when to put more effort in.

If things are just carrying on by themselves, let them. Don’t interrupt one topic just because you think you have to introduce the other ideas you had in mind.

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