How to Friendzone a Girl like a Gentleman and Not Break Her Heart

Learning how to friendzone a girl is an important skill to learn, as it will happen many times in your life. But leave her with her dignity.

If you have yet to experience this scenario, I’ll just say it—I’m surprised! I swear I’ve been friendzoned a handful of times, and I friendzoned tons of friends as well. It’s not an easy thing to do and an even harder thing to have done to you. Knowing what it feels like to be friendzoned, will surely make you better at doing the friendzoning. And learning how to friendzone a girl will help you out in life.

How it feels to be friendzoned

Okay, well to be frank, it sucks. I always felt foolish for believing that there was something more between us. And I have a bad habit of believing things are better off than they really are. I always think I crushed job interviews and the job is definitely mine, or I believe that the people I’m interested in must be interested in me as well. Those things don’t just happen. It would be amazing if that was reality, but unfortunately, it just isn’t.

Once you’ve been friendzoned, you might actually be unable to be that person’s friend. It can be terribly difficult to overcome the embarrassment of being rejected and put in the friendzone, so the best solution is to avoid it altogether. Flee. Just abort mission. Seriously, don’t waste your time.

Okay, that was terrible advice, that’s just been my experience. I typically just fade into the background and stay away from that person for a while. Maybe months or years down the line I chat with them again, but for the most part, I just stay clear of them. I know this isn’t exactly the best solution, but I’ve never been fantastic with conflict.

How to friendzone a girl

Now that you know how it feels to be friendzoned *at least how I felt being friendzoned*, properly craft a strategy to friendzone that girl in your life. Just keep this in mind: She digs you, and she is vulnerable on some level. Please let her down gently.

#1 Make sure you want to do this.Don’t just friendzone her because you don’t know what else to do. Think long and hard about your feelings for this girl, because once you put somebody in the friendzone, it is nearly impossible to recover them from the deep, dark depths of the mighty friendzone canal. A tad dramatic, but this situation calls for it, don’t you think?

#2 Evaluate your relationship. Give this a real thought if you’re trying to figure how to friendzone a girl. Have you been best friends since you were six, or did you just meet at a party a few weeks ago? The level of depth to your current relationship determines just how gentle you need to be when you friendzone this girl.

If she has been your best friend for years, tackle this carefully, because you don’t want to damage your prior relationship.

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