How to Describe Love: The Different Kinds and How to Decipher Them

It’s in all of the songs you listen to, the movies and shows you watch, and the books you read, but when asked how to describe love, how would you do it?

It is by far not the easiest word to describe. It’s not like defining a blade of grass, or a teacup. Love is an emotion, a state of being. How to describe love when you cannot see or touch it?

I feel like this is something we all struggle with when we are young because loving someone outside of our family is a new concept. What does love feel like? How will I know when I’m in love? Do I really love them?

How to describe love

Unfortunately, nobody can answer these questions for you. And you might end up feeling like you love somebody, until years later, when you really do fall in love. You may look back and realize you never loved that person at all.

Personally, I dated a couple of guys in high school that I swore I loved, but then I started dating my current boyfriend *three years strong! Yay!*, and I look back and was like “Wow, what was I thinking? I barley even knew those dudes. I definitely didn’t love them.”

I’ve come to realize something over time. I think love changes, and I also think that there are different types of love, for different times in our life–and all of them are important. These are not in any specific order, as everybody lives a different life that leads them in different directions.

#1 The First “Not-Love.” This is the one that you said was your first love–until you actually met your first love. You dated in your teens, hung out at school sporting events, went for coffee dates, and there was always something adolescent about this relationship.

They taught you that love exists, and while you thought that’s what you felt for this person. You’ll eventually realize that wasn’t true love. But you did love them, just not in the same way. You love them for all that they have taught you, and for the experiences you shared together.

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