He Doesn’t Like You Anymore: 16 Signs He’s Losing Interest in You

#6 He doesn’t update you. When you have a relationship with someone, it’s normal to tell them about your day and what happened. However, if he stops telling you about his day and the updates going on in his life, you’re becoming less of an important figure in his life. I know it’s hard to accept, but that’s just the case.

#7 He spends more time on the phone when around you. If someone really finds you interesting, they’re not going to be spending time on their phone while around you.

If anything, their phone is tucked away in their pocket, and they’re fully invested in your time together. But if he’s swiping on Tinder and messaging his grandma, well, there ya go.

#8 He talks about other women. If he’s talking about other women in front of you, he’s trying to hint to you that he’s interested in other women. I mean, sure he could be doing this to make you jealous, but if he’s doing this along with other signs, then that’s not the case. He’s trying to hint to you.

#9 He spends more and more time away from you. You used to hang out every Friday night watching movies at your house, but now he goes out with his other friends.

If he really wanted to spend time with you, he wouldn’t give up those moments with you. But he did, because he’s looking for someone else.

#10 Physical contact fades away. If he used to have his arms all over you and now he doesn’t, well, that’s a good sign his arms have been around someone else. And that he doesn’t like you anymore. You touch people that you’re attracted to – it’s plain and simple. If he’s not touching you like he used to, he doesn’t like you anymore.

#11 He treats you like a friend. This is the worst one. I mean, if they’re still hanging around you but simply stopped flirting with you, it’s painfully obvious that you’ve been friend zoned. I’ve been in this position. What’s worse is that they are not being honest with you and letting you know how they feel. Instead, they know you like them, and they’re ignoring it.

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