Jealous Boyfriend – 10 Ways to Make Him Not-So-Jealous

#8 Include him in the conversation as your savior

Men have a protective instinct, and so does your guy. Your jealous boyfriend may feel threatened by other guys taking to you or flirting with you and may feel uncomfortable about it.

The next time a friend of yours tries to flirt with you or sweet talks with you when you’re with your boyfriend, pull your boyfriend closer by his arm in jest, and dramatically tell him you need “help with an annoying guy” or “his assistance in proving a point to your friend who’s bugging you.” By involving him when someone’s flirting with you, it would definitely reassure your jealous boyfriend and stop him from wondering if there’s something sneaky going on behind his back.

#7 Involve him in your social activities

Jealous boyfriends can create epic fantasies and illusions in their mind when they’re feeling threatened. Every time you go out with your guy friends, he may end up brooding about what you’re doing, whom you’re flirting with or who’s pawing you. To make him feel better and stop spinning flirty tales in his head, try to involve him in your social activities for a few months. Let him realize by himself that you’re not on a flirting spree every time you go out with your own friends.

#6 Have him in your arms

Jealous boyfriends are easily unsettled with the simplest scenarios. And it all starts and ends with you talking to other guys. It’s really annoying, but if you do want to help him lose the jealous streak, have him in your arms at all times when you’re hanging out with a group of friends. By “showing him off” when you’re around male friends, you’re be able to help him trust you and feel better, especially if you’re constantly giving him your attention.

#5 Call him often when you’re out with friends

Jealous boyfriends suck! It’s a fact. But at times, by reassuring a jealous boyfriend that he has no reason to worry, you may be able to chisel out the perfect boyfriend in him. So as painful as it can seem, spend a couple of months trying these tips.

Your boyfriend may feel rather insecure and jealous when you go out with your friends and have a nice time. The only thing that goes on in his head would be, “does she have more fun with her friends than she does with me?” Perhaps it’s his insecurity or his fear of you having a better time with some other guy. But whatever the reason may be, one of the best ways to comfort his pacing jealous heart would be to call him often when you go out. Call him every now and then and have a quiet conversation without getting disturbed by your friends’ giggles (which can annoy him further). It’ll make him realize how much you love him.

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