Emotional Connection: 15 Reasons, Signs Why It’s So Important AND How to Build It

Out of all the different ways you can feel connected to someone, an emotional connection is by far the most crucial to have. Here’s why.

You may be thinking I’m crazy by pointing out something so obvious. Of course an emotional connection is important. It’s supposed to be obvious! But you’d be surprised how many people don’t truly have an emotional connection toward their significant other.

They might think they do, but they don’t. The truth is that they confuse physical attraction with emotional attraction, and then are surprised when their relationship is lacking the connection. You need emotional attraction to be strong with someone if you ever hope to have a successful relationship with them.

Guys take longer to feel an emotional connection

As much as we’d like to believe that men can connect on an emotional level just as easily as us ladies, it’s just not true. Guys take a little bit more time to build that deep connection. They need more time in order to evaluate if you’re someone they can see themselves with long term.

This is also the reason it may take guys a little bit longer to commit than girls. If girls like someone and feel a connection, then we’re ready to be exclusive. Guys need more time to figure that out. And as long as they don’t have commitment issues, it will happen if they feel emotionally connected to you.

Emotional connection – Why emotional attraction is the most important kind

Yes, physical attraction is really important in a relationship, but not even close to as important as emotional attraction. This type of attraction is even more important than being compatible. You can have everything in common with someone but have no emotional connection.

Without it, your relationship is bound to fail. That may sound harsh, but it’s also true. If you want to know what makes you emotionally attached to someone and why it’s vital to a healthy, long-term relationship, here’s everything you need to know.

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