9 Unfortunate Signs That Your Man Is Playing Around With You

Hey, girl. If you don’t know it already, then you’re in for a very rude awakening. Love isn’t always going to give you the perfect story that you want it to give you. It’s never going to be like you see on the movies. It’s never going to be like you read in books.

And you’re just going to have to be content with that fact. Yes, you should have your expectations going into love – but you also have to expect that your expectations aren’t always going to be met. And that’s just the true nature of love. It’s imperfect and you have to make do with the imperfections that it brings

Yes, love is magical. It has its moments. It can be the single greatest thing that you could possible experience in this life. But just because love is amazing doesn’t mean that it’s not going to bring you a fair amount of hardships and difficulties as well.

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