8 Sneakily Accurate Ways to Tell if Your Girl is Lying

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your girl is lying to your face? Find out the truth by using these foolproof methods to tell if she’s lying!

At one point or another, we may have been lied to without even knowing it. Sometimes, the little white lies are what people resort to, in order to keep others’ feelings from getting hurt. For instance, a friend may say that he’s not feeling well instead of saying he’s just not in the mood to hang out. Your girl might say that she’s fine when she just doesn’t want to talk about what’s bothering her.

It can sometimes be easier to take things at face value, instead of prying in order to find out the truth. But there are times when those lies aren’t so inconsequential. Those little lies may be shielding you from the truth… a truth that might end up hurting you.

Men may become paranoid when their girl is lying to them about something. Is she lying because she’s cheating? Is she lying because she doesn’t want me to find out about something important? Is she lying because she doesn’t respect me enough to think I can handle the truth? The answer may change from situation to situation.

Is she lying to you?

If you feel it in your gut that your girl is being dishonest with you, you can try checking for these telltale signs.

1.Her lines sound rehearsed and not at all like her. You ask her how her day went and she says something like, “I had lunch with Anne, and then we went to the mall, and then I went home.” If this is how your girlfriend usually tells you about her day, then that’s fine. However, if she’s usually more talkative, this can be a warning sign.

When your girl tells you a story that you doubt, you can check if she’s lying by asking her to tell it again at another time. If she rigidly retells the story word for word, then it might be a sign that she practiced her lines before talking to you. Why would she feel the need to memorize what she did on a certain day if those events really did happen?

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