70 Things You Do That Probably Annoy Your Boyfriend

A successful union requires knowing when you’re being annoying so you can return the balance of the relationship. Do you know how you’re annoying your guy?

There are times when it seems as if all you have to do is breathe to annoy the guy in your life. Men and women are very different beings. We think that we are helpful and charming, but sometimes, they don’t agree. If you think that you aren’t irritating him, think again. These are the 70 ways to annoy your boyfriend without even trying.

#1 Tell him he should wear something different than what he has on. Even if he is under or overdressed for an occasion, he doesn’t want to hear it from you. Just let him wear what he wants and deal with the consequences.

#2 Change the channel. Nobody likes to have the channel changed right in front of them, even if it looks like they weren’t really watching it.

#3 Ask him what he wants to do tonight. Guys don’t like to be put on the spot. Having to make decisions about plans usually irritates them. Really, they just want you to choose.

#4 Call his mom to chit chat. Guys don’t like it when you make friends with their mother. The last thing they need is the two of you ganging up on them.

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