What do Girls Like to Hear? 15 Things She’s Dying for You to Say

When it comes to attracting women, knowing what they want you to say can be more than helpful. But what do girls like to hear? We have the answers.

It’s about more than just telling a girl what she wants to hear. You have to be honest and genuine about it. That being said, knowing what to specifically tell her can help your chances a lot. So what do girls like to hear?

It honestly depends on the girl. You really have to get to know her a bit before you go ahead and try to tell her what she wants to hear. The thing is, there are many things that most women collectively like to hear and you can tailor those things to fit each woman you know.

Being genuine takes you a lot further than just saying something nice

Although you can say these things women like to hear, you can’t bullshit it. Girls can tell. Even if you tell her exactly what she wants to hear, if it seems like it’s forced, it’ll actually hurt her instead of help your chances.

What do girls like to hear?

Once again, each girl is different. You really want to focus on getting to know her first so you can tailor each thing girls like to hear to meet her specifically and also so it’s genuine. Not all women feel the same about a specific compliment but overall, these are the things women like to hear.

#1 That she’s smart. You can almost never go wrong when telling a girl she’s smart. You just have to choose when to and make sure it doesn’t seem insincere. It also helps to pinpoint specifically why she’s smart and in what way. If you make her feel smart, she’ll be happier than you can imagine.

#2 You admire her drive and ambition. Obviously, she actually has to have drive and ambition in order for this compliment to really work. If she doesn’t, she’ll wonder what the hell you even mean. But overall, an ambitious person loves to hear this.

Most often, nobody but them notices just how hard they work. A lot of the work people do isn’t super obvious to people from the outside and it’ll make her feel appreciated if you bring attention to it.

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