5 Ways to Stop an Old Affair from Ruining Your Marriage

#4 Don’t make comparisons. This piece of advice applies to all facets of your life. Once you choose to stay in your marriage even after a cheating scandal, you have to always remember never to make comparisons.

Do not compare what life was like before the incident. Do not compare yourself to the person your spouse cheated on you with. Do not compare your expectations with reality. Do not compare anything from your idyllic pre-infidelity life with the way things are now.

Sure, comparing the past to the present is a great way to improve and learn from the mistakes made, but comparing every little thing will undoubtedly make you focus too much on how hard it will be to set things right again.

#5 Do learn to forgive. This is perhaps the hardest piece of advice to take. You may never be able to forget what happened, but you should certainly learn to forgive. Without forgiveness, your marriage will never survive.

No matter how long, hard and bumpy the journey to forgiveness may be, you have to do it for the sake of your relationship. If you truly find that you are unable to let go of what happened, then it may be safer to say that you should walk away from your marriage.

Nothing, not even a marriage of steel, can take the pressure and weight of a cheating scandal if forgiveness is not a part of the picture.

There is no single way to erase the stain of infidelity in any marriage. But with a genuine effort to set things right and some time to allow yourselves to heal, you can reduce the blight of cheating to just another bump on your way to a happy lifelong marriage. 

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