How to Pick Up Guys: 13 Most Successful Tricks to Take Control

We think men are the only ones able to pick someone up. It’s the 21st century, ladies! Don’t think only they hold the power, learn how to pick up guys.

When women go out, whether to a bar or nightclub, we expect men to hit on us. I’m not trying to make us sound like princesses, but we certainly got used to the idea that the men put the work in to get us. Now, I’m not saying this is bad, but what if you see a really attractive guy? What if he doesn’t approach you? This doesn’t mean he’s not interested in you, maybe he didn’t notice you or he’s too shy to approach you. This is why you learn how to pick up guys.

How to pick up guys

There have been times where I’ve seen a good-looking guy, and I spent the entire night trying to make myself approachable. I do the cliched “dance near him” routine or “stand next to him at the bar.” I’ve tried it all.

But at that time, I never thought about just going up and talking to him, it never crossed my mind. Weird, right? And who knows what would have happened, but by not making any move, I already know that having nothing happen is the obvious outcome. But why not be the one to make the first move? Not sure how to pick up guys? Well, it’s time you learned and played the field.

#1 Don’t wait. I know you’re probably waiting for the right time to come along where you can bump into him or smile at him to get his attention. What are you waiting for, honestly? You’re wasting your time.

If you want to exchange numbers and land a date, well, talk to him. So, don’t wait, just walk up to him and start a conversation. Sure, you’ll be nervous but just think about how he’s feeling. A woman just approached him and that takes balls.

#2 Be yourself. But really. I know this sounds like a lame tip, but it’s the most important one. Don’t try to be some mysteriously sexy woman because you’re going to come off as an idiot. You’re probably already sexy, so just be yourself. It’ll shine through. I tried to be mysterious once and when I went on the date, I completely bombed it. Learn from my failed mistakes.

#3 There’s no “right place.” You can meet men at bars, you can also meet them at grocery stores, bus stops, libraries, and your local swimming pool. Point is, men are everywhere. So, don’t limit yourself to only one place in order to find a guy.

Okay, maybe a doctor’s office isn’t the best place, but who knows, maybe it is. What I’m trying to say is, whenever you see a guy that you’re into, go talk to him.

#4 Go out to different venues. This one bar or club may be your favorite place to go, but you probably know everyone in there. So, it’s time you ventured out and experienced other places. You’ll also get to meet different people than you typically see on a night out. Plus, who knows where the guy of your dreams is hanging out on a Saturday night.

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