How to Rekindle A Marriage: 14 Secrets that Aren’t All About Sex

#8 Send text messages often and with care. There is something very special about getting a text message in the middle of the day, at night, or just anytime that has a personal message saying I miss you. Send love emojis, sex emojis, or just dirty talk to rekindle your marriage one message at a time.

#9 Give small thoughtful gifts. Gifts don’t have to cost a fortune or a whole paycheck. The ones that mean the most are the little ones that are a memory between you and your spouse. If you see something funny, helpful, or just downright sexy, pick it up and bring it home tied in a knot saying “to the one I love.”

#10 Make peace with the past. If you want to rekindle a marriage, it is about one thing: forgiveness. Making peace with the past helps you move on, be more vulnerable with one another, not make assumptions about intention, and find the love that may be hiding under all those ugly angry layers.

#11 Hug more, make war less. All those small disagreements and fights begin to mount into an entire war campaign. If you want to rekindle your marriage and find a way back to love, let the little things go and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill or a war out of a small scuttle.

#12 Do those little things that mean so much. It is the small things that mean more than the grand ones. Ask yourself what your spouse really wants and finds value in, and, likely, you will find that it isn’t anything expensive or outlandish. It is probably just some acknowledgment and love from you. It is the small things that add up to love.

#13 Compliment your spouse in front of others. A compliment is an awesome thing, but even better when you hear someone praising you in front of others. If you acknowledge how lucky you are to be their one and only it is a proclamation that they are someone.

#14 Plan a special date night. Spending a night alone with your partner may not seem like a big deal to you, but if they have been drifting away, a special date night or weekend getaway, is the perfect solution to being disconnected. Try to leave the stress of the day to day behind and get back to what is really important… the two of you.

If you truly want to understand the secrets behind knowing how to rekindle a marriage, try the little things that mean so much and let your guard down to find a future full of happiness with your mate.

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