How to Rekindle A Marriage: 14 Secrets that Aren’t All About Sex

Marriage is one of the hardest relationships you can be in. If you are going through a bumpy time and want to know how to rekindle a marriage, read on.

Whoever said marriage was easy… oh wait, I am not sure anyone ever has. The problem is that when you get married, you don’t want to hear that the magic comes to an end. In fact, who among us hasn’t thought, “That will never be us!”? If you find those butterflies replaced with vacant conversations and a bed with a hump growing in the middle, fear not. It happens to ALL couples. Definitively knowing how to rekindle a marriage is never easy—but possible.

The reason everyone else seems to be getting along so much better is that it is all in degrees. What I have found is that those who say “we never fight” or “we are in love more now than ever before” are either not all that passionate about each other from the get-go, or they worked through the doldrums to find a way to rekindle their marriage.

Or, the third option, they are newlyweds. And, who wants to hear what they have to say anyway?!

How to rekindle your marriage – 14 ways that don’t involve just the bedroom

There are a thousand articles about how to buy some sexy lingerie and turn each other on, but marriage isn’t just about sex. The reality is that what is happening in the marriage is being reflected in the bedroom. If you want to fix the magic and bring some excitement into the bedroom, fix the relationship outside of it.

Try these 14 things that make you feel like you’re falling in love all over again.

#1 Think about how you used to treat your significant other. We often reflect on all the things that our spouse never does anymore. There is undoubtedly a list of the way that they used to treat you and all missing from their end.

If you want to know how to rekindle your marriage, it is about considering your role and how you have changed. If you used to smile when they walked in a room or be sweet, funny, and cute at will, then it is time for you to be the same person they married again.

Baggage weighs you down, hence why it is called baggage. Think about what the “dating you” was like and be that you again. Don’t be afraid of rejection or the feelings not being returned. Throw caution to the wind. Hey, you have nothing to lose by smiling and trying to be fun again. Nothing but gaining a happy relationship.

#2 Praise. When the day to day gets in the way, it is easy to get bogged down with responsibility and conversations that involve nothing more than what someone needs to do, what is wrong, or where your partner needs to pick up the slack. If it has been a while since you have shown your spouse appreciation, I mean outwardly praising someone in words and love, then it is time to start.

A little praise goes a long way to rekindling what is lost in a marriage. Feeling unappreciated is one of the biggest complaints that both men and women have in a marriage. So, make sure to point out all the things that they do right and tell them how grateful you are for their help and love.

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