How to Keep a Relationship Going: The Secret to Harmonious Love

#3 Try to spice things up in the bedroom. It is easy to start to lose some of the passion you had at the beginning of the relationship. About six months in, most couples start to freak out because they no longer steal quickies on their lunch break and Saturday mornings aren’t about lying in bed and having sex till noon.

But, even the best couples lose the heat once in a while. The trick to a healthy relationship is to mix things up. Don’t always go with the same moves, or it becomes routine.

If you want to know how to keep a relationship going with the same enthusiasm, introduce new ways to turn each other on and feel good. Sext to get them revved up, and find the things that make them tick. What goes on in the bedroom, goes on in the relationship. If you keep your sex alive and real, your relationship won’t get dull or monotonous.

#4 Forgive. One of the biggest hardships to any relationship is the art of forgiving. When you establish a long-term relationship, there will always be things you can do to hurt one another. Whether intentional or not, if you don’t forgive and let them go, you will forever carry a backpack of resentment.

That muddles any union. Instead of holding onto past grievances, to know how to keep a relationship going, you must forgive. That doesn’t mean just saying, “It’s okay.” Truly let go of whatever anger you bear, forgive with all your heart, and start each day with a fresh outlook, even when it’s super hard to do.

The unfortunate part is we hurt the people we love the most and hardest. Learning to forgive and let things go is key to keeping your relationship healthy and loving.

#5 Keep it in the relationship. As I said before, girl’s night and guy’s night quickly turns into a “bitch” session about all the things your significant others do. If you want to keep your relationship strong, only talk about your problems with each other.

Like letting a demon in, discussing your anger or your personal life with others, even your best friend, only adds fuel to the fire. If upset or hurt, go to the source and work it out. It doesn’t help to vent continually to family and friends. You want them to like your significant other, so why bash them?

It not only makes you feel ugly, but it also makes the people in your life not like your partner. That is a recipe for destruction. If you have an issue, keep it between the two of you. Stop going outside to find naysayers or people who will tell you, you are right. It doesn’t matter, just resolve and let it go.

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