I Hate My Wife: 20 Circumstances When It’s Okay to Feel this Way

I am just going to say it—marriage is NOT easy. If you often feel like saying, I hate my wife, take heart. We both hate each other sometimes.

That phrase breaks my heart. If I had a dime for every time that I have heard a guy say, I hate my wife,  I would own a jet plane… Yep, that is right; I don’t. The sad reality is that any woman would be absolutely devastated to know that a man would say he hated her.

If you are a guy and you seriously feel like you hate your wife then, you have two options. You try to make things better, or you walk away. Walking away is never easy after saying “I do,” but if you can’t find solace in her presence, then it is a little more than irritation.

I hate my wife: The 20 reasons to say I don’t anymore…

We all hate our significant other at times. Some of us admit it while others go on their merry way, burying their head in the sand. It is normal to hate each other once in a while, but if it is a perpetual feeling and involves some critical things, then it is time just to say goodbye.

#1 Your fighting affects the kids. Anyone who grew up in a house where fighting was the norm knows that it isn’t fun. If you hate your wife to the point where you can’t even smile at each other or “make nice,” then it is time to move along and find a new happy.

If you stay for the kids, don’t make the mistake of thinking it does them any favors. Even if you ditch out of fights to avoid them, the carnage is around when you aren’t there. If you hate your wife, she probably suffers too. Let everyone off the hook and just leave.

#2 She’s unwilling to take responsibility. If your wife makes you feel like it is always your fault and she doesn’t have anything to do with it, then there isn’t anything you can do about it. Finding a compromise involves two people who work on a problem together.

If she thinks the problem lands just on you, then it is time to vacate and let her see how things are without you. Maybe good, maybe bad, but you finally find your happy.

#3 She is or has cheated on you. If your wife cheated on you, then there is a good reason to feel disdain towards her. Trust is the cornerstone, not just of marriage but love. If you can’t trust someone, then it is hard to let her in your life.

If forgiveness is not something that you can realistically give and you hate her for what she did, you have a right to. It is okay to feel you can’t be with her anymore if she has betrayed your trust.

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