The Rules to Talk About with A Girl: 43 Conversation Starters

#13 Are you more comfortable in sandals or high heels? Does she wear high heels because she has to at work but prefers to wear flip flops when possible? This type of conversation starter can lead to a whole string of her telling you what she shows to the world, and what she thinks inside her mind. They may be two different things completely.

#14 Do you like to get dressed up? Most girls like to get dressed up once in a while, while others hate to get all gussied up. This conversation-starter can tell you not only what she likes to do on the weekends, but you may get some funny stories about any costume malfunctions she may have had.

#15 What is your boss like? Does she like to go with the flow or be her own boss? If you ask her about what her boss is like and how well she gets along with them, you find out about whether she is a rebel without a cause, or more of a “roll with it” type of girl.

#16 What is your dream car? Does she dream about a car with air conditioning, or one that can go 170 mph? Not only will this conversation starter tell you about where she is at now, it will let you know what her financial aspirations are for the future and whether money and luxury mean anything to her.

#17 Would you rather spend your vacation seeing a city or sitting on a beach? Is she adventurous, or would she rather saddle up to a chair and a beach?

#18 What is a deal breaker when it comes to dating someone? How seriously does she take things? Could she date a smoker or a garbage man? Those are things that define her future goals.

#19 Do you consider yourself competitive? Are you going to be battling with her over who earns more money, who makes the decisions, or is she going to spend all her time training for something? How much does she need to win?

#20 Why did you choose your career? What drives her: money or compassion?

#21 Do you want children and if so how many? An excellent conversation starter to figure out if you are both on the same page.

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