The Rules to Talk About with A Girl: 43 Conversation Starters

#5 Do you have brothers or sisters? To most women, family is important. If you want to get her talking about those who mean the most to her, just ask. Make sure you pay attention because if she is going to open her heart up about her family and let you know about them, she will expect you care enough to remember the next time, if you should meet again.

#6 Do you get along with them? Family is an important part of your life and how you get along with them says a lot about how you are capable of bonding with people. Asking her about how she gets along with those who are important to her will likely bring up a lot to talk about.

#7 Where do you see yourself in five years? It is always difficult to see where you will be in the future. Some of us are focused and know exactly where we want to be, while some of us are taking our time making our way.

If she knows who she is and what she wants, she will have no problem telling you what her goals are. It will likely give you an idea how she feels about starting a family and whether she is looking for a long-term mate or a quick fling thing.

#8 What was your favorite subject in school? Was she a math geek or a creative writer? Whatever her favorite subject was is likely what she is good at now. Not only will it get her to open up about her childhood school memories, but it will also tell you whether she is more of a creative, fun-loving woman or an analytical, by-the-book kind.

#9 What did you want to be when you grew up? We all had dreams when we were little. Did she live up to hers or switch gears? If she tells you she is what she wanted to be, then you know you have a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t change course. If she did change what she wanted to be, then it can lead into a whole new conversation about what the catalyst for change was.

#10 What is your best memory? Was her favorite memory about something she earned, or something fun she did with her family? Asking her about memories will tell you what types of things are important enough to stay in her memory and make a lasting impression. Is it all about the competition or the fun of getting there?

#11 If you could be any age, what age would it be and why? Is she comfortable with where she is now, or does she long for the days of no responsibility? There are seasons none of us would want to repeat, and then there are those times we wish we could stay in forever.

#12 Are you a beach or a pool person? Beach people are very different from pool people. If she isn’t someone who likes to get sand in her stuff, she is more meticulous. A pool person is someone who doesn’t like to get messy and wants to get knee deep into anything tactile.

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