The Rules to Talk About with A Girl: 43 Conversation Starters

Want to avoid the awkward pause when you just don’t know what to say? These things to talk about with a girl will ensure that never happens again.

Women are mysterious creatures. Like a mine field, sometimes you feel as if you are fumbling around, bouncing off one subject to another, when talking with them. There is nothing more awkward than not having something to talk about.

The perfect conversation – Things to talk about with a girl

These 43 questions are the best conversation starters to keep the lull from happening and to learn more about her. If you are having a hard time finding common ground, these are some questions to help you get through a rough, silent patch.

Try these lines, get the conversation back on track and find out a little more of what makes her tick.

#1 Are you a reality TV fan or more of a sitcom lover? Reality TV viewers are inherently different from sitcom people. Discussing whether you would rather see people in their ugly moments or discuss the funny and ugly in human situations is a good way to find out who they are.

#2 Do you like going to see bands? If you want to set up the next date or make sure you have the right music the next time they come over, this is a good question to ask. Some of us are concert goers while others are not!

#3 What is your favorite hangout? Not only will you find something to talk about, but you may also find you have things in common. We often go to specific hangouts because they reflect our personality styles and the things we like to do.

By getting her to talk about her hangouts, you can learn a little about her, and if by some chance, you don’t get her number and want to see her again at least you will know where to look.

#4 What was your favorite movie? Ask her what her favorite movie was, not only when she was little but recently as well. You can get a good idea of what she was like growing up by knowing if she liked something like Dumb and Dumber versus Cinderella. Sometimes, the movies we used to like are the ones that reveal a whole lot more about our personalities.

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