15 Things Nice Girls Do For Guys Who Are Wrong For Them

1. She usually waits hours or even days for him to reply to her text messages. Sometimes, she gets so desperate that she sends him multiple text messages at a time in the hopes that he’s eventually going to take pity on her and reply to her. She isn’t even going to waste any time in responding to him – but he never does the same for her.

2. She just lets him back into her world after disappearing from her life for prolonged periods of time. She doesn’t even ask him where he has been. She doesn’t even question why he abandoned her in the first place. She always reserves a spot for him in her life regardless of what she does to her.

3. She gives him multiple chances even if he just keeps on blowing them over and over again. She keeps on getting her hopes up. She keeps trying to cling to the hope that he’s eventually going to change and that he’s going to do right by her somehow. But he always just seems to disappoint her at every turn. He never lives up to what is expected of him.

4. She always tries to make excuses for him to her friends and family. She tries to justify his terrible treatment of her. She always tries her best to defend him. Everyone who loves her tells that that he’s bad for her. But she refuses to listen. She always thinks that he’s still a guy who is worth believing in.

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