15 Signs of a Committed Relationship You Should Hold Onto Forever

When it comes to feeling secure with your partner, the signs of a committed relationship can really help. Here’s how to know they’re in it for good.

Being in a new relationship can be hard. You really like the person and you figure they like you too, but you’re not sure how much. We’ve all been there before. While this insecurity can be annoying, keeping an eye out for the signs of a committed relationship can help immensely.

Nobody can read minds. Well, hopefully nobody can read minds, anyway. That being said, you still want to know what your partner is thinking and how they truly feel about you. Are they really committed to you or are they just saying that?

Being insecure and unsure is toxic for your relationship

While it’s natural to feel a little unsure at first, a continuation of those feelings can lead to major insecurity issues, trust problems, and jealousy. All of those are extremely unhealthy for your relationship.

But sometimes you just can’t help them when your relationship is just getting started. When things are new, it’s hard to find security without straight up asking. But you never want to ask because you don’t want them to think you don’t trust them. So what do you do?

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