15 Cute Things to Text Your Girlfriend When You Miss Her

#4 Text her after a long day and tell her why you wish she was there. Chances are, when you’ve had a long and tough day at work, you miss going home and seeing your girlfriend.

If this sounds like you, just text her and tell her that. Tell her what happened and that you wish she was there to make you feel better about it. Knowing that she has the power to make you feel good will make her feel like a million bucks.

#5 Text her why you think you miss her so much. If you’ve just been missing her for no reason at all other than you want to see her, then text her something saying just that! In order to be cute, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or well written to get the point across that you miss her.

Cute texts for your girlfriend: All the examples you need

These examples can help you form your own ideas, or you can use them on their own if you’re not very creative. Just be sure you make them your own in some way so they sound like they’re coming right from you.

#1 “This long, tough, and exhausting day would be made completely perfect if you were here right next to me. I miss you more than I can explain.” This is a great one to send after that rough day at work when you really would rather just be with her.

#2 “I miss the way you snort at all of my stupid jokes and make me feel like a professional comedian, even though I know I’m not funny.” This is true for so many people, and you should let her know how much you appreciate it.

#3 “I just never feel truly happy and like myself unless I’m with you. I miss having you by my side.” Sending her this will make her realize just how much she affects your happiness.

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